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Nepal Travel..!!

About Nepal

Nepal is a country that is in the Southern Asia. The country is landlocked between Tibet, China and India. The country has 10 highest mountain peaks of the world. The highest peak in the world The Mount Everest is in the country of Nepal. There is important news that is to be known about this country that recently it was declared a republic. It has abolished monarchy which was previously followed.
The elevation of the country is about 8848 meters, which is identified by Mt. Everest. There are regions that have an elevation of 60 meters which is brought together into 500 kms. This altitude’s difference makes it culturally and geographically diverse.
The 2001 census listed that there eight religions followed in Nepal. They are- Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Kiranti, Christian, Jain, Sikh and Bahai. The climate is Monsoonal type in Nepal with four seasons occurring and six distinct climate period. Namely, Basanta (spring), Grishma (early summer), Barkha (summer monsoon), Sharad (early autumn), Hemanta (late autumn) and Shishir (winter).
The best season to visit Nepal is October to December. For the mountain expeditions the best time is April to June.


The two major religions that are followed in Nepal are Hinduism and Buddhism. Both the religions coexist in the country. There is joint celebration of festivals and common deities are worshipped. Isn’t it splendid? The pious feeling shall be there. The picturesque valleys shall take an oath, that once one comes to this place he is bound to visit it again and again.
The pagodas are example of the rich architectural heritage that Nepal possesses. The beautiful embellishments of the pagodas are carved there are stone images that are really worth watching. The temples and the Buddhist Stupas are all grandeur. The architectural heritage is like a jewel in the crown of the lovely country of Nepal.
In some temples there is prohibition of the non Hindus entering the temple. So mighty is the country that it calls for attention because of the charming and mystic cultural heritage.
Nepal is paradise on earth. A beautiful country, the picturesque valleys shall drive your attention. Love is in the air, a perfect set for your romance to be in full bloom. The visit will become even more memorable if one plans out a nice hotel that shows a true glimpse of Nepal.
The best available options are-
• Dwarika’s Hotel-A hotel with very impressive interiors. There are fabulous court-yards and wood carvings.
• Dwarika’s Himalyan Shangri-la Resort-It is well-suited a hotel in Dhulikhel.
• Shangri-la Village Resort Pokhra- It offers a mix of colonial style and charm


• Kathmandu- The capital of Nepal. The place has stupas at Boudhanath and Swayambhu.
• Bhaktapur- It is a historical city. Famous for its pottery making. No motor vehicles are allowed here.
• Biratnagar- It is near to Dharan. The town is famous because of politics.
• Birgunj-The gateway to business between the two countries Nepal and India.
• Boudhanath-This place has the largest Buddhist stupa and is a pilgrimage destination for Buddhists.
• Jankpur- It is a religious centre and has the 500 year old Janak temple.
• Namche Bazaar- This place is popular with the people looking for a trek.
• Nepalgunj- It is the main connection for the Mid- and Far-Western Development Region.
• Patan-It has the Patan Durbar Square -this place is World Heritage site declared by UNESCO in 1979.
• Pokhara- It is beautiful and picturesque lake-side town in Nepal.